Becky Levin


Becky Levin

A few months into starting our brand new startup, I found that my partner kept disappearing for afternoons to go to this place called The Possible Project.  We were in crunch time, so I had to bring it up.  What is this place and why are you spending so much time over there?  His answer was the beginning of my introduction to a very special place that Becky Levin has created to help unlock the potential of the many talented high school students in our community whose backgrounds and school systems don't put in a position to succeed.  Her passion to build The Possible Project comes from a time in her life living in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and seeing so many people without opportunities to earn a sustainable living.  She and husband and serial entrepreneur Mark Levin decided to someday create a place that could inspire and create opportunity through creative entrepreneurship -- a dream now realized with The Possible Project.  
We first started working with students at The Possible Project two years ago and have continued to build a closer and closer relationship, because what they do is just so awesome.  They provide an after school program where they pay students to learn real world skills, start mini-businesses with a creative bent (think Etsy stores), and work with real companies.  John has taught four groups of students how to use 3D design software and create their own Lovepop designs.  It's incredible to see the progress in the students, and I don't mean just the fact that they will graduate high school with 3D design software skills that they can immediately apply, but even moreso in their attitude.  Their realization that they can create, that they can contribute, and that they can make a difference in the world.  
Becky's stated goal is for every Possible Project student to get on a 10-year path to generating a sustainable income.  For a population of students that aren't expected to graduate high school, it's a lofty goal.  But I know she can do it.  I've seen The Possible Project in action. And I've heard the countless stories from Possible Project students who consider Becky their Other Mother.
- This story was submitted by Wombi Rose, co-founder of Lovepop -

She was the Starting Point of My Confidence

Before I met Becky, my self confidence was no where to be found and I wasn't putting too much thought on who I'll be in the future. I felt as if I was as small as a mouse and nobody cared about what I had to say.

After a period of time, I began to think that I was never going to have a voice. As I participated in Becky's program that she started with her husband, The Possible Project, I felt as if I took a "growth potion" that shot me up to being bigger than I ever was. And that growth potion was Becky's presence throughout all of it. Her energy. I feel as if I drank several cups of coffee just by spending time with her. Her laugh. I could joke with her for hours and she'll have even more laughs in her. Her compassion. It shines so bright, you need to wear three pairs of sunglasses. And her confidence in you.

She has the ability of making you feel like not one, but two million bucks. With the guidance that Becky provided throughout the years we've known each other, I was able to gain the confidence to try and make my dreams into a reality and feel so much better about myself. And something tells me that there's so much more I can learn from her. I'm SO grateful for the relationship that we share. She truly is like another mother to me. And I wouldn't change that for the world.


- This story was submitted by Ana Raposo -

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