101 people you never thought to thank (but you should!)

Posted by Pooja Harinath on

There are hundreds of people we interact with every day.

Whether it's those close to you or total strangers, with the busyness of day-to-day life, we can often forget to remember to give our thanks to those who deserve it.

If you don't know where to start: we made a list. Consider this a small reminder of all the people you might see or communicate with in everyday life.

While every person on here might not resonate with you, we hope you'll find at least one that you'd like to thank on this special day! 

1. The person who held the door open for you today
2. The barista who made your coffee this morning!
3. Your adorable dog waiting for you to come home
4. The employee at the convenience store down the street for always stocking your favorite chocolate
5. The postman who makes sure your nighttime impulse purchases arrive safely at your door
6. The mother figure in your life
7. Your close friends for never failing to make you laugh
8. Your sister
9. Your brother
10. The subway driver
11. The flight attendant who somehow fit your carry on into the tiny overhead compartment   
12. Your grandmother for always being there for you
13. Your grandfather for always making you laugh
14. The crossing guard who makes it possible for you to cross during rush hour traffic
15. Your cousin
16. Your doctor for not being annoyed after you've WebMD-ed yourself
17. The cheery security guard in your apartment building
18. Your favorite poet for somehow relating to you without knowing you
19. Your yoga instructor for helping you feel like a fitness guru
20. Your coworkers
21. Your congressperson and senators 
22. The father figure in your life for their guidance
23. Your niece
24. Your house sitter
25. Your personal trainer — or the front desk team at your gym

    26. Your wife
    27. Your housecleaner
    28. Your mayor
    29. Your daughter
    30. Your local volunteer organizations 

    31. The Lyft/Uber driver who made friendly conversation with you
    32. Those who protect our country
    33. Your roommate for doing your dishes without even being asked!
    34. Your cat for the way she sits on your laptop while you’re working
    35. Your childhood best friend who stayed friends with you through your awkward phase
    36. The friend who made conversation with you on your first day of classes
    37. Nurses for their dedication and patience
    38. Your local policeman
    39. Your nephew
    40. Your children’s doctor
    41. Your babysitter
    42. The employee at the bookstore who introduced you to your new favorite book
    43. The food delivery employee who without judgment delivered food to your house twice in the same day
    44. Your husband
    45. The chef at your favorite restaurant
    46. Your lawn care pro 
    47. Your event planner
    48. Your favorite musician for writing your favorite song
    49. Your manager
    50. The members of your extended family

    51. Your real estate agent
    52. Your neighbor for ignoring the way you look when you go pick up the mail in the morning
    53. The bakers who make your favorite croissant
    54. Firefighters for their bravery
    55. Your high school English teacher for inspiring you
    56. The bus driver who saw you running to the stop and waited for you
    57. Your choir director 
    58. Your children’s coach
    59. Your makeup artist
    60. Your wedding planner
    61. Your local librarian for her kindness
    62. The ballpark organ player for your favorite team
    63. Those who volunteer in charities
    64. Your son
    65. Your petsitter
    66. The mechanic who helped fix your car
    67. The person who saved your computer after your drink bottle leaked in your bag
    68. That travel agent who found way cheaper flights than you could’ve found on your own
    69. The doctor who delivered your baby
    70. Your favorite artist
    71. The new friend you were introduced to through mutuals
    72. The hairdresser who didn’t cut off as much hair as you thought would
    73. Your pen pal
    74. The employees at your favorite theme park who ensure you have the best time when you visit
    75. The person who returned your wallet that they found in an Uber

      76. Your favorite customer who comes in every morning
      77. The concierge at your favorite hotel
      78. Your veterinarian 
      79. Your prayer group
      80. Your priest
      81. Your financial advisor
      82. The person who gave up their seat on a subway
      83. Your younger siblings
      84. Your older siblings
      85. The person who picked up your sweater for you after you dropped it the other day
      86. The members of your local council
      87. Your children’s babysitter
      88. The jeweler who sold you your wedding ring
      89. The volunteers at your local animal shelter
      90. Your partner
      91. The pilot who flew you on your last vacation
      92. The hotdog vendor
      93. Your mentor
      94. Your taxi driver
      95. The waiter at your favorite restaurant
      96. The person on the train who said "bless you" after you sneezed
      97. The teammates you play with on your sports team
      98. Your book club 
      99. Your favorite professor
      100. The author of your favorite novel
      101. Yourself, for the amazing being that you are, for everything you’ve overcome and for the light you radiate in people’s lives!


      On September 21st, Lovepop celebrated World Gratitude Day — an incredible day when we had the opportunity to say "thank you" to those who matter most in our lives. But you can say "thanks" any day of the year.

      Take a sec, say "thanks."


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        • Where are the Christmas cards?

          Vernon Smith on

        • Thank you for the Lovepop I received this week. Nice surprise and I’m sending it someone who is “rocketing to success” and deserves the recognition. You guys are the best!

          Dawn Janis on

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