How to Write the Best Father's Day Card

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You may have found the perfect gift for dad, but don't forget about the Father's Day card! You're probably asking yourself: Why bother? It'll probably get thrown away. Well, it's the sentiment of gifting a card that matters.

We know how easy it is to just grab a generic Father's Day greeting card with a pre-written message, but take a minute to make it personal. Firstly, we want to suggest that blank cards are perfect for personalization. And we're proud to offer exclusively blank cards here at Lovepop *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*.

Sail Boat Pop Up Card

A Father's Day Card reminiscent of early morning boat rides with dad or grandpa.

If you're stumped on what to write in that awesome card you picked out, don't worry, we'll guide you through how to write the best Father's Day card.

  1. Look back on a memory. This should be pretty easy because you're sure to have a lot of material to choose from. Your childhood was a special time for dad and he'll definitely appreciate the memories you cherished. Don't feel pressured to recount the whole story though. Keeping it short and sweet is enough to bring a smile to dad's face.

  2. What are you most proud of him for? Dad spent your whole life lifting you up; repay that honor by lifting him up. Nobody is ever too old to feel accomplished, so let dad feel great for his accomplishments. Even the smallest message can be a huge pick-me-up.

  3. Check something off of your to-do-with-dad list. Fact: time flies. So there's your incentive to look to the future and introduce a fun trip in your message to dad. He wouldn't expect an invitation from a simple Father's Day card.

  4. All in all, the message should come from you. Keep it personal, keep it short. Your Father's Day card will be something that dad will be proud of you for even remembering it.


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