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What Should I Write in That Birthday Card

Posted by Catalina Nguyen on

Birthdays only come around once a year. You get one shot. Are you sure you are going to use this birthday card you just bought to it’s fullest potential?

Is what you’re writing both appropriate and funny?

Are they really going to notice what you write? Does your birthday card matter?

Yes, it matters and of course they are going to read it! So we have some simple tips and tricks to help you out once you’re ready to pick up that pen and conquer the birthday card writer's block. And we have some message suggestions if you're extra stumped.

Make it personal. Bring up that story (you know which story) and let them know you are looking forward to many more of those good times with them.
Springtime Picnic Popup Card
"Remember how crazy things got last year on your birthday? Cheers to more late night shenanigans."
Make it funny. Don’t make fun of them for being old, instead laugh at how they are still telling that same old joke.
Magnolia Tree Pop Up Card
"With each passing year, you may be getting older but your humor will always be timeless."
Can't get away from making fun of their age? Go for it, it will always be a staple of the birthday cards that make you smile.
Birthday Cake Pop Up Card
  "Happy birthday to you! It's another year of you realizing how old you're getting. But that's okay, the best years are just getting started."
Funny isn’t their thing? Tell them that they are important to you and that you cherish all the time you are going to spend with them in the coming year.
Sailboat Pop Up Card
  "Best wishes on a wonderful birthday. Looking forward to some great adventures to come!"
Make it memorable. Grab a Lovepop card and stand out of the stack of cards this time! There’s a unique pop up card for each of your friends.
Gold Birthday Bear Pop Up Card
"Happy birthday! Let this exciting card be symbolic of the exciting person you are."
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  • Hi Dolores,

    Thank you for these awesome suggestions! We’ve definitely received requests for these type of cards so keep an eye out and maybe you’ll see them pop up soon as we’re working on new cards everyday. :)

    Catalina on

  • Your work is amazing and affordable. Do you have any plans for special birthday cards. Sweet 16 , 21, 30, 40, 50 etc… I would love to see some.

    Dolores on

  • Thank you, Marian! We are so happy to hear you loved the card. We try to make our cards unique and personal for everyone. Mr. Wonderful is fantastic and you’ll see us around don’t worry. :)

    Catalina on

  • I received on of your b-day cards from my son for my b-day andit was totally awesome to receive and sep because I do cards from stamps and he said mom I just had to get his one for you it is the one with flowers all cut and I have showed it to many of my friends since I received it and it has been the talk of all gatherings and wonder where he got it now I know as tonite I happened to see this ad and went further to read about it.. your crds are awesome and I missed it the nite on shark than we always watch it every nite but missed the nite you were on I guess. I felt bad to think we missed your nite with the sharks.. They are awsome to watch they do a good job esp our Mr. Wonderful.. and the cars I ck out that you gave to them that nite were so great each as they are in their own personality.. thanks so much for me finding youe net tonite.. will order some for special ones coming up..

    Marian on

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