6 Perfect Paper Birthday Party Decorations

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Throwing a party is no easy task, especially when it comes to birthdays! Invitations, music, food... the details can easily overwhelm even the most seasoned party planner. However, no matter what you're celebrating, your party should be memorable and manageable. The easiest way to bring your party to life while still balancing a budget and maintaining your sanity is to spend a few moments creating super simple, yet super stunning decor using our favorite medium: paper! LovePop has put together a list of 6 perfect paper birthday party decorations that are a great alternative to store bought decor and will leave your guests delighted and surprised. Time to party!

1. Paper Chain Backdrop


2. DIY Paper Bird Cages


 3. Paper Rose Bouquet LLpaperflowers

4. Paper Lanterns From Old/Damaged Books 4610071_284854_LovaLan1

5. Drink Umbrella Wreath 13623705-a01

 6. Hanging Tissue Paper Pom Pom msw_spring06_pompom_vert

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