Necessary Stationery for Newlyweds

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Marriage is one of the most joyous occasions in a couple's life, and friends and family members love to be a part of celebrating this new shared journey. One of the best ways to make sure your loved ones stay in-the-loop is by curating a collection of stationery to have on hand so that you can communicate each wonderful moment in your lives. Here are a few key pieces that all newlyweds might need: 1. Thank you cards. Be prepared to continue to receive wedding gifts long after your actual wedding day. People who could not make it to your shower or reception may send you a gift later in the year. It’s a good idea to have thank you cards on hand so that you can stay on top of thanking everyone for the gifts, well wishes and any other kindnesses, rather than letting the thank yous pile up.

Pop. Delight. Surprise. Flowers. LovePop's Petite Bouquet Paper Pop Up Card. #valentinesday LovePop's Petite Bouquet makes the perfect thank you card.[/caption] 2. Calling cards. Traditionally, calling cards were used as a way for the bride to announce her new name and identity and all the contact information that may go with it. Today, however, calling cards are used by both the bride and the groom to share their new contact information. Since moving or purchasing a home is another major step after marrying, a calling card is a great way to announce your change of address and to ensure that your family and friends can find your new nest.

zoom-v1-190CC 3. Personalized/monogrammed stationery. Personalized stationery for the newlyweds is a really fun way to send thank yous and other special notes to friends and family members. Monogramming notepads and other stationery expresses a unique sense of togetherness. Whether you are writing a simple grocery list or sending a note to an old friend, your personalized stationery is a unique and useful resource to have available!

v1 4. More wedding cards! When a friend or family member decides to tie the knot, and you’re invited to the event, it’s customary to get the newlyweds a present – usually off of their wedding registry. However, no matter what gift you get, it’s always appropriate to attach a congratulations card to the present expressing your warm wishes. Weddings are the most joyous event in a couple's life, and you'll want to make them as delighted as you felt on your own wedding day by gifting them a beautiful and thoughtful wedding card.

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