8 Unique Gifts for the Graduate

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This year, millions of young people will graduate across all levels of eduation –  most from high school followed closely by college and university. The one thing they ALL have in common is a dream achieved: a degree in their specialty of choice. The perfect way to commemorate such a momentous occasion? With a special gift that honors all of their hard work. A graduation gift is an important and special keepsake, particularly as the years pass. What's the absolute best gift you can give a graduate? Words of encouragement along with a special reminder of your unique and precious relationship. This guide from LovePop offers practical ideas for meaningful, memorable gifts that remind them their journey is not over yet, but you'll always be by their side! Here are our 8 unique gifts for the graduate: UniqueGradGifts2015

1.  Think Big Picture Frame // 2. Home Plate Paperweight // 3. Equation Watch // 4. 642 Things To Write About // 5. Scratch Map // 6. Collegiate Cufflinks // 7. F In Exams // 8. LovePop Tallship PopUp Card

Need some more great graduation cards? Visit our Grad Collection to see our unique keepsake cards. Congrats Class of 2015!

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