Congratulation Card Etiquette

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Not only does the start of summer bring beaches and BBQs, it also ushers in a season of saying "Congratulations!" Between dads, grads, newlyweds and newborns, we'll be sending out well wishes for weeks to come. Congratulation cards are one of the most exciting cards to send because they are a joyful celebration of someone's accomplishments. Writing down praises may seem simple enough, but there are a few things to remember when it comes to congratulation card etiquette. Celebrate the small achievements! As mentioned before, congratulations cards are most often sent for graduations, marriages, or other major life accomplishments. However, it's important not to limit yourself to these events. Perhaps a friend has finished writing a book, a co-worker is being promoted, or your nephew received all A's in school this year. Anytime family or friends achieves something important to them, sending a congratulation card can make the moment event more meaningful. Be simple, but specific. A generic "congratulations" works well in any situation, but it's important to make sure your card is as unique as your relationship with the recipient. Mentioning qualities the person has is a great way to make it meaningful. For example: "Your dedication and resilience has brought you so far!" or "Your true love and nurturing spirits will make you such perfect parents!" It is also great to include some words of wisdom or advice for the future to round out a truly thoughtful card. Personal or Professional? Whatever the occasion, it's always important to remember the relationship you have with the recipient. For a close family or friend, including humor or an inside joke might be appropriate; however, for a co-worker or employee, it might be prudent to avoid any awkward situations by keeping the language of your card kind but professional.

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Our spectacular pink cherry blossom tree is in full bloom on the inside of this card! Our spectacular pink cherry blossom tree is in full bloom on the inside of this card!

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