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The typical time of year to send a card filled with well-wishes and the annual family update is during the holiday rush from around November to January. However, the pileup of paper might be overwhelming and can end up in your seasons greetings being tossed aside too quickly. So this year, consider breaking with tradition to start a new one: send a summer update card with all the fantastic and fun things your family has been up to. Here are some things to consider before sending your card. Be concise. A lot can happen in a few months, so try to highlight specific and memorable moments rather than narrating every single event or achievement in detail. Stories are entertaining to read, however a list of accomplishments isn't so exciting for the recipient. A good rule of thumb is to try to limiting each event description to one paragraph in length. It will prevent your letter from sounding wordy or boring. Stay positive. It's definitely okay to include some struggles you might have faced in your summer update, however try not to use your letter as a laundry list of complaints. If there is a serious pressing matter that you need to discuss with a loved one, definitely don't hesitate to pick up the phone or schedule to meet in person. You'll want to make sure everyone can enjoy reading your card and celebrate in your summer excitement. Ask questions. Don't forget, your recipient has a life too! It's always polite to include lighthearted questions about their recent adventures and achievements. Often, summertime brings a bit more down-time so they can enjoy your card and take the time to compose a response of their own. There's nothing more delightful, nostalgic, and memorable than a well-written and thoughtful letter. Want to send a summer update they'll never forget? Check out LovePop's meticulously designed pop-up cards. We can't wait to spend the #SummerofLovePop with you!

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