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Card of the Week: The Weeping Willow

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Although it's name indicates otherwise, the weeping willow is a tree that can bring comfort and joy to many who bask in it's resplendent branches. The weeping willow is one of the most striking trees in the world. Their grace and elegance are unsurpassed; they bring a certain emotion that no other tree does. It is a mysterious tree, muse to poets and artists, and a truly inspirational work of nature. As weeping willows are water-loving trees they are often found along riverbanks, and are associated throughout the world with the element of water. In addition to it's organic qualities, the willow has been used throughout history and literature to symbolize life, strength, flexibility, dreams, and (as it's name indicates) sorrow. It's a resilient piece of nature that is revered in cultures around the world. This gentle giant's endless list of attributes made it the easy choice when it came to selecting and designing a new card for our collection. It's symbolism allows this piece of paper art to be used in an endless amount of ways. Wish an old friend happy birthday, say thank you to a co-worker, or keep in touch with a family member abroad. Our weeping willow celebrates life in all it's forms as well as commemorates it. Send this card to a friend or family member who has lost someone close to them. Include a thoughtful handwritten message wishing them peace and sympathy. It will be a lasting keepsake they can treasure forever. No matter what the occasion, LovePop's card of the week is a beautiful way to let someone know you are thinking of them. You can purchase our willow tree here, but don't forget to browse our entire collection of unique and custom pop up creations!

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