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Unfortunately, at one point or another, each of us has experienced being ill or injured. When you feel sick it sometimes seems as if nothing we do can make the pain or suffering ease. This is why writing get well cards to loved ones who are hurting can be a powerful tool to perk their spirits and make them feel thought of. Get well soon cards can sometimes be tricky to write because illnesses range from the common cold, to a broken arm, to a terminal disease. However, the one thing that these situations have in common is how appreciated your mail will be. Here are some things to remember when you're composing your card. Consider the circumstances. Thinking about the person you are sending the card to and what situation they are facing is very important. For someone who is dealing with a temporary issue like the flu or a fractured foot, saying "Get well soon!" is appropriate. However, you may want to avoid sending this message to someone who is suffering from a terminal illness or facing permanent life changes. They may not be able to recover so quickly and this can be a depressing reminder. Some other messages you may want to consider:

  • Thinking of you during your difficult time. I hope you have the only the best of care. Please know you are in my prayers.
  • I am so sorry you're going through this. Please know I am just a phone call away if you ever want to chat or need a shoulder to lean on.
  • Sending all of our love and support your way. May today be better than yesterday. Please know you are surrounded by caring thoughts.
Stay positive. Try to avoid dwelling on the person's illness or mentioning specific details, especially if you are not very close to the recipient. This helps to maintain some privacy and dignity. The purpose of your card is to bring them happiness and show support. In this case, you may even want to consider sharing a funny anecdote or joke to lift their spirits. It is also great to mention the person's admirable qualities; this is a great reminder to keep their spirit up and their head held high. For example:
  • Your strength and resiliency during this battle is amazing. I have always admired your courage and ability to handle any situation with grace. We can't wait to see you well again soon.
  • We truly miss your vibrant smile and positive attitude. We send our warmest thoughts as you continue to heal.
  • Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day. I hope today brings you one step closer to your recovery!
Offer help (if possible)... When writing your card, try to avoid phrases like "If there's anything I can do to help just let me know." More than likely, the person will not ask. Instead, offer specific things you are willing and able to take care of:
  • I am so sorry about your broken leg! I would love to come over on the weekends to mow your lawn and take care of your garden until you make a full recovery.
  • It really stinks that hospitals don't have Netflix. I'd love to come over with my laptop so we can binge-watch House of Cards together until you feel better!
  • I would love to help you out during this difficult time. Please let me know if you need me to walk your dogs, drive you to appointments, or cook you dinner. Give me a call anytime!

No matter what the case, sending out a get-well card is one of the surest ways to brighten the day of someone who isn't feeling their best. Being sick can make you feel lonely and frustrated. Knowing that you have a support system makes the process seem not so daunting, so don't be afraid to reach out! Looking for a card that will really bring extra brightness to someone's day? Check out Lovepop's collection of brilliant pop-up cards. They are a great gift that your recipient can admire for years to come!

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