What to write in a birthday card

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Ever struggled with knowing what to write in a birthday card? We can help. Make your card stand out from the pack with a perfectly tailored message for the recipient. One of the best things about using blank stationery is the ability to customize a greeting card with a heartfelt note and personal well wishes.

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Know your audience

Take some time to think about who you are giving the card to before you sit down to write a message on a birthday card. Is the birthday girl or boy the type who counts down to their birthday for weeks before the big day? Or is your loved one more subdued and toned down?  Is the card for a family member or business associate? Taking the time to think about the recipient and how he or she celebrates their special day will give you some clues about appropriate messaging.

Milestone birthdays

Different birthdays call for different messages. Turning 31 is a far different experience than turning 50. Reflect on the recipient's life stage and think about some key events he or she might be looking forward to during the upcoming year. Use those as a starting point for your message.

Consider Tone

A humorous and heartfelt message is usually appreciated but might not always be the best choice. Consider whether the recipient of the birthday card is looking forward to another year or life or is apprehensive about getting older. Joking with someone about being as old as the crypt keeper might sting if he or she is struggling with the concept of age.

What to write in a birthday card

  • Congratulations on another year well spent. Wishing you happiness and success for the next 365 days, we love you. Happy Birthday. 
  • Another year has gone by and far too quickly. I'm thankful that I get to adventure through this life journey with you by my side. Happy Birthday. 
  • Happy Birthday! You're aging like fine wine. Speaking of wine, let's get some to celebrate you and your stunning good looks.
  • Life wouldn't be as sweet without you. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person who brings joy and love to everyone who needs it most. We love and appreciate you.

Use the writing prompts above as a starting point for your message. Have fun thinking about what the recipient means to you and how your note can convey that message. Did we miss anything? We'd love to hear your suggestions for what to write in a birthday card. In the meantime grab a cup of coffee and spend some time browsing our lovely assortment of birthday cards.

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What's the best message you've ever received in a birthday card?

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