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There are two kinds of people: people who love picking out birthday cards and people who don't. This post is for both groups. The average household purchases thirty individual greeting cards per year according to the Greeting Card Association. That's a lot of cards! No wonder people become overwhelmed when looking for birthday card ideas. Don't sweat it. We can help.

Plan ahead

You know lots of people. You know them because they were born.  They are going to have a birthday. Every year. Super obvious, right? It might sound ridiculous but for some reason I always find myself frantically searching for just the right card at the last minute. Why do I torture myself? The chances are that I am not alone.

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Why not plan in advance and have cards on hand for the most special people in your life? Start small so you aren't overwhelmed. Check out the following birthday card ideas to help you get ahead of the busy birthday season.
  • Make a list of five people whose birthdays you do not want to miss  Purchase the cards in one fell swoop
  • Organize the cards by order of birthday
  • Address and stamp them
  • Keep them in a dedicated location, so you remember where they are when you need them
  • Set phone reminders for one week prior to each birthday
  • Put a card in the mail and repeat

Voila. No more last minute Larry. Your friends and family will be delighted when they see how much thought and effort you put into selecting and gifting the perfect card. Your days of handing over a hastily purchased ill-fitting greeting card are over. No one thinks those oddball cards with the half dressed people on them are funny. Well, maybe someone out there does but we are pretty sure it isn't your mom.

Do you have any special birthday card ideas to share?

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  • You have a card for graduation, now how about one for the student heading off to college.

    Sherilyn on

  • How about one for St. Patty’s Day. I will be 80 next year and it would be a pleasure to send one to myself.,how about New Years, Fourth of July

    Patti on

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