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Anniversary cards are a fabulous way to let the people you care about know that you are celebrating a milestone in their relationship right alongside them. Knowing when an anniversary is approaching is easier than ever thanks to Facebook. You can see friends' and families' milestones on your Facebook calendar if they've made the information public. Be a hero and send a thoughtful note to acknowledge your loved ones' anniversaries.

Think beyond marriages and romantic relationships when pondering to whom you should send an anniversary card. Think about your friend who quit smoking fifteen years ago. Or maybe send an anniversary card to celebrate a friend's one year anniversary of overcoming her crippling cat sweater collecting obsession.

cat anniversary card

Anniversaries of all kinds are fun to celebrate, and they remind us of how far we've come and serve as reminders of our progress. An anniversary card is a tangible reminder that we are not alone. For every marriage, friendship, or partnership there are people on the sidelines cheering us on and it's a beautiful reminder that we are all in this together as cliche as that may be.

One of the best things about sending an anniversary card is that you can pick any design you like. Choose a design that matches the anniversary you are helping a friend or loved one celebrate. Pick a cat for your friend who finally started wearing shirts that don't prominently feature felines. Or send a Willow Love Scene card to your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

anniversary cards

There are limitless options. Go nuts. Regardless of the card you choose the point is that a card with a thoughtful note inside is a kind way to let people know you're thinking of them on any and every occasion.

Do you send anniversary cards to friends and family?

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  • My wedding is June 23 which will be our 9th year anniversary so could we get a card designed for our 9 year anniversary and wedding day

    Michelle Hollie on

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