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When Netflix & Chill Goes Wrong. How to Recover.

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Everyone's heard of Netflix & Chill by now, right? If you haven't, feel free to check out the Urban Dictionary's technical definition for further clarification. Since this is a family blog, I will put it more mildly. Netflix and Chill is a euphemism for hooking up while Netflix streams in the background. Romantic!

The invitation can be interpreted a number of ways. Perhaps you do want to watch Netflix and chill but are secretly hopeful this innocent get together goes a little further than that. We don't blame you. It's a classic move. Maybe the invitee knows exactly what you mean and comes prepared with a velvet robe and overnight bag. I don't know what you kids are getting up to these days but good for you. Have fun.

If you're rolling your eyes because you have the privilege of being from a more sophisticated generation (that was sarcasm) please know that Netflix & Chill is nothing new. We've all been there. A friend invites you over to watch a movie; you're sitting there enjoying the Never-ending Story or whatever ridiculous film the host used to lure you over under false pretenses and boom exposed private parts. Suddenly things have gotten weird. Really weird. Or even worse you were offered an inviting back massage when suddenly a hand begins creeping to all sorts of places that most certainly are not your back.

The worst.

This is referred to as When Netflix & Chill Goes Wrong. We aren't judging you or what brought you to this dark place, but we understand the horror and want to help.

Here are some cards to consider when thinking of good ways to say sorry for taking things a little too far when he or she just wanted to enjoy Orange is the New Black in peace.


floral bouquet 3d pop up card 
pirate ship 3d pop up card

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