What to write in an over the hill birthday card

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Knowing what to write in a birthday card for a lady or gentleman of a certain age can be a challenge. The majority of birthday greeting cards for mature adults are either wildly embarrassing, a terrible personality fit, or downright inappropriate. Aging is an inevitability.

Gone are the days when someone over the age of fifty is considered over the hill. People are living longer and more exciting lives than ever before, and yet the greeting card industry continues to come up short. lovepop cards are blank, so you aren't stuck with a cheesy, canned sentiment that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Deciding what to write in an over the hill birthday card can be intimidating but it's super easy, and the payoff is well worth the effort. With a bit of planning and thoughtful execution, you're sure to craft a message that will let the recipient know that his or her special day matters to you too. Aging gracefully is an art form and so is delivering a thoughtful message.

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Accentuate the positive

With the media's constant bombardment of youthful messaging it's easy to feel left out when you're over forty. Deliver a message that reminds the recipient why getting older is a blessing. Consider life stages. Perhaps your friend is a new empty-nester and has lots of fun concerts and vacations on the horizon.

Maybe the recipient is celebrating an early retirement. Evaluating the recipient's present life stage will help you remind him or her that he or she is anything but over the hill. There is plenty to look forward to.

Have fun

The following quote by comedienne Ellen Degeneres serves as the perfect inspiration for a fun and thoughtful birthday message.

“It must be around forty when you're "over the hill." I don't even know what that means and why it's a bad thing. When I go hiking and I get over the hill, that means I'm past the hard part, and there's a snack in my future. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.”

Degeneres' outlook is candid and refreshing. Growing older is natural and there is no reason not to celebrate milestone birthdays. Have a good time writing the birthday message and your cheerful optimism will shine through.

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What to write in an over the hill birthday card

  • You're another year older, and I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to another wonderful year with you. Happy Birthday and here's to many more.
  • Growing older with you is a real blessing. Like wine, smelly cheese, and classic cars you keep getting better with time. Happy Birthday. You don't smell like cheese.
  • Happy Birthday friend! Don't sweat being another year older. When we're elderly we're going to wear our pajamas in public, ride hoverboards, and terrorize teenagers at the park. It's going to be great. I know I'm looking forward to it.
  • I'm not going to tease you for being a year older because it means I'm a year older, and I've been lying about my age for years. Cover for me. Happy 40th birthday mom!
  • Grow old but don't grow up. Keep smiling, laughing, and partying its the best way to fend off old age. Happy Birthday, friend.

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  • For you cards with ships:

    “There are good ships,
    And there are wood ships,
    The ships that sail the sea.
    But the best ships,
    are friendships,
    And may they always be.”

    Owen Hawes on

  • With out a teacher all other professions would not exist. Thank you for helping my child become the person, the professional she will be in the future.

    AL DAvis on

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