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Some say that the greeting card industry manufactured Valentine's Day as a ploy to create an empty occasion to sell more cards. Other less conspiracy theorist types loathe Valentine's Day because they believe it caters only to those who are romantically in love. Think heart-shaped chocolates and cheesy oversized stuffed animals.

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

Lovepop and Taza Chocolates

Whether you believe that Big Greeting Card is behind this, or you don't love anyone quite like you love your hairdresser, this message holds true: there are tons of people in our lives who we don't celebrate often enough.

What about them?

At Lovepop, we say: celebrate anyone who deserves it. Be unexpected. And don’t send an ordinary drugstore card. Do something awesome. Maybe you do have a kickass boyfriend or wife who should get a special something-something. Lucky you! We’ll help you tell them how much you care.  

But maybe it’s your bestie who propped you up this year.  Your co-worker. Your boss. Your wingman. Your professor. Your fave barista.

Here's where it gets crazy fun.

Lovepop Keytar Bear

Lovepop is teaming up with Boston’s very own Keytar Bear to surprise (embarrass?) and delight with an in-person Valentine delivery.  

That's right. YOU tell US who you'd love to shower with Valentine's Day ridiculousness and we'll handle the rest.

Nominate the person in your life who earned a special Lovepop this year. If he or she is in the downtown Boston area, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll show up with a spectacle in tow. Who wouldn't love to be serenaded by the smooth sounds of Boston's finest while being gifted with the coolest paper art you've ever seen?

Let us know.

It's going to be a Valentine's Day Boston won't soon forget.

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  • Thanks so much I mean it

    My GABE on


    Tanya FULTZ on

  • I watched the video on The Frey Life where you sponsor their vlog that day. I have not seen these in Canada. Would you have an opportunity for me to sell these in Canada?
    I think your cards I theost original I Have seen in a long time
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Randy Larson

    Randy Larson on

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