Dad puns are the new dad jokes: 50 hilarious Father's Day puns

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Writing a thoughtful, meaningful message to dad on Father's Day is tough. (Don't worry, we've got you covered.) But writing a super funny one can be even harder! 

We asked competitive punner Ally Spier to write 50 certifiably hilarious dad-themed puns for Father's Day. Like every Lovepop design, we adore puns because they can represent that perfect inside joke, moment, or memory you share with that person you love.

If you find a favorite (but hate your handwriting), try Send a Surprise. A custom message will be added to your Lovepop before it's shipped directly to your good ol' dad. Because really, what makes dad more proud than a totally efficient use of time?

Dad, you're a really fungi

I love you so matcha
I love you a latte
I would never wine about you
You've got all the other dads beet
Olive you lots
I loaf you lots
Dad, eye loaf ewe
You're the best dad, I'm cirrus 
I'm Sirius-ly glad you're my dad 

I shore do love you

You're all that and dim sum
You're the best, pho real
You're tops 
I'm not lion when I say I love you
It's knot a tie, you're my favorite (don't tell mom)
It's Trudeau, I love you
Lettuce celebrate you, dad!
I have a fusilli thoughts about this card
Happy fodder's day
Like fodder like son
You're really grate
Dad, owl always love you
Oil always love you
Wood you believe you're the best dad?
Look, you are my father
Dad, you eclipse the rest of them
Of all the geyser, you're the best
Dad, I had toilet you know how much I love you

It's plane to sea you're the best dad

Tulips say it better than one: happy father's day!
Iris you knew how much I love you
You're my favorite bud 
Dad, you're my hero 
I'm not kitten about how much I love you, Dad
Everyone nose you're the best dad
If I could, I'd shoes you to be my dad
You're a really spaetzle guy
I always have a good thyme with you, Dad

Happy Feather's Day to my favorite parrot

Dad, you cap them all
I'm soap proud to call you my dad
You deserve a hand this father's day
To my Pawpaw, on father's day
Dad, your number won 
Dad, you mean the whirled to me 
Dad, I really car about you!
Dad, I hope you don't think this card socks
To my husband on father's day, I a door you
I bottle little something for my pop this father's day

Ally Spier is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and self-proclaimed word nerd who a high school English teacher once dubbed the Goddess of Grammar. Though she considered this a compliment at the time, Ally didn't pursue prose professionally until many years later, after earning degrees in ergonomics and architecture. Today, her wordsmithing takes on a variety of forms: Ally has been published in outlets including Fast Company, Business Insider, Edible Manhattan, and Skift Table, and is a regular competitor at Brooklyn's Punderdome, a monthly comedic wordplay competition where she performs under her deceptively intimidating stage name, Words Nightmare. Her punning prowess is documented along with that of some her closest friends in Joe Berkowitz's 2017 book, Away With Words. 

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