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Calling all Game of Thrones® fans! As you know, the FINAL season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to air on April 14th on HBO. Hopefully, you're as excited as we are.
How excited, you may ask? Excited enough that we are releasing THREE new Game of Thrones designs just in time for all of your final season viewing needs.
mother of dragons pop up card
All of Team Targaryen will be trying to get their hands on this Mother of Dragons pop up card. Mother of Dragons was reworked from our previous Drogon and Daenerys design by designer Michelle. Upon opening this card, Daenerys appears riding on top of Drogon through a sandy desert landscape. Drogon's breath of fire leaves "Mother of Dragons" engulfed in the rising red flames.
"Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows and book series, so it was awesome to get to work with HBO on this. I really enjoy how delicate and intricate this design is. It's a great example of the beautiful work our laser cutters can create," Michelle explained.
Our Mother of Dragons card is perfect for the queen, the lady, the mother, or the protector in your life. Don't forget, Mother's Day is just around the corner. This is the perfect opportunity to show your mom she's a Khaleesi.
three-eyed raven pop up card
The Three-Eyed Raven is a lasting symbol throughout the series. This messenger is sure to deliver the news that Winter is Coming! Our designer Jason is known for his intricate Lovepop bird designs, and this is no exception. The black cover of this design features an illustration of an ominous gray raven taking flight. Upon opening, the Three-Eyed Raven pops up into view, a trio of brown eyes and pointy beak staring out into the distance.
Lovepop celebrates "old fashioned" communication forms -- like handwritten cards -- and the Three-Eyed Raven is definitely a magical messenger! We think this special card is an awesome ode to the beautiful and ominous creatures interwoven throughout Game of Thrones. Send a Three-Eyed Raven card to that one friend who's the best at keeping all of your secrets.
i drink and i know things pop up card
Finally, I Drink and I Know Things -- enough said. A golden chalice adorned with the House of Lannister crest is illustrated on the front cover of this black pop-up card. Written in golden letters is the iconic Game of Thrones quote by Tyrion Lannister: "That's What I Do." Upon opening this design, the phrase continues: "I Drink and I Know Things." An ornate golden chalice appears, filled to the brim with red wine.
"My personal, absolute favorite character in The Game of Thrones, and in anything ever is the great Tyrion Lannister," our designer Dalex exclaimed. "It was really fun working the filigree design into the outside of the chalice, making it feel like that regal Lannister gold. I'm always happy anytime I get to break out the shiny paper, too."
Dalex is very excited to give this to his friends who will, "undoubtedly, have it displayed during this last season's viewing parties."
These three designs will make the perfect viewing party invitations to let your friends know...


Any of these Game of Thrones designs will make great table settings, TV stand accessories, or party favors for all of your viewing party guests. Check out the rest of our Game of Thrones collection and let your creativity flow.
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