Season your greetings: Non-traditional sayings for your holiday cards

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Want to spice up your cards this year? Need a break from the traditional "We wish you a Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and the like?

That’s why, this year, we’ve decided to mix it up a bit. Season the greetings, if you will.

Here's a list of non-traditional things for you to write in your holiday cards. We’ve included card ideas and sayings so don’t worry: Lovepop has you covered for your entire card sending season. 

Christmas Cactus Lovepop pop up card

You sure are looking sharp this holiday season! Good thing you’re stuck with me! Merry Cactus!
Feliz Navidad! I hope your holidays are on point this year!

Christmas T-Rex
We’re wishing you a dino-mite Christmas this year! I veloci-wrapped this present just for you!
We wish you a Merry T-Rex-Mas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Shark
Sea-sons greeting! I hope Santa Jaws left you some jaw-some presents!
I hope you have a fin-tastic Christmas this year!


Lovepop Skiing Yeti Christmas Card

Skiing Yeti
Is it time to open your present yeti? Yahoo, I hope you like it!
Are you yeti for Christmas? Because I sure am yeti to party this holiday season!

Happy Challah-days! I hope you like your present a latke!
We hope your holiday season isn’t dreidull this year!

Winter Snowflake
I love you snow much! I hope you’re having snow much fun this holiday season!
When I saw you, it was love at frost sight. Happy holidays.

Christmas Moose
Merry Christmoose from all of us! We hope your holidays have been splendid!
Thank you very moose for all of your holiday cheer!
Lovepop Christmas Candle pop up card
Night Before Christmas Candle 
From our family to yours: wishing you a scent-sational holiday this year!
Your kindness and generosity is a light in everyone’s lives throughout the holiday season!
Night Before Christmas Tree 
I hope your Christmas is tree-mendous this year! We hope you like your gifts!
This card is helping me spruce up your Christmas present this year! We hope you like it!

Sugar Plum Tree 
You’re so sweet! Thank you for always spreading holiday cheer!
I hope your holidays are full of sugar, spice, and everything nice!
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