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The Lovepop Journal — posts tagged "Gratitude Day"

Science: Gratitude makes you happier

Posted by Lovepop Team on

With the rush of our everyday lives, it's easy to take someone else's support, love, or presence for granted — or simply forget to thank them. But did you know gratitude makes you happier?One psychologist at UPenn asked people to write and deliver letters of gratitude as part of a positive intervention study. When measured within a pool of 411 participants — control participants documented early memories — the people who wrote Thank You notes experienced a long-lasting increase in happiness. Another 2003 study showed participants who kept gratitude journals were more likely to exercise, feel better — mentally and physically — and were overall...

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101 people you never thought to thank (but you should!)

Posted by Pooja Harinath on

There are hundreds of people we interact with every day. Whether it's those close to you or total strangers, with the busyness of day-to-day life, we can often forget to remember to give our thanks to those who deserve it. If you don't know where to start: we made a list. Consider this a small reminder of all the people you might see or communicate with in everyday life. While every person on here might not resonate with you, we hope you'll find at least one that you'd like to thank on this special day!  1. The person who held...

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