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15 Heartfelt Wedding Card Messages

Posted by Catalina Nguyen on

Spring is here and warmer weather means wedding season is coming up! If you're one of the lucky people with an invitation to a grand summer wedding, get a head start on buying the perfect wedding gift, but don't forget about the card. A wedding card may seem like a tiny detail, but it can mean a lot to the newlyweds. A simple "Congratulations!" will do, but if you want to make your wedding card a little more personal, here are some suggestions for meaningful wedding card messages. If you're looking for a card to write in, Lovepop has an...

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Wedding greeting cards

Posted by Veronica Armstrong on

Ever heard of a wedding greeting card? No worries if not. I'll fill you in. Maybe you didn't make the cut for a spot on the wedding guest invite list. Don't take it personally. Weddings are expensive, and everyone knows you hate chicken dinners. You wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway, but you're a decent human being who wants to wish someone well on their newfound matrimony. The best way to congratulate the newlyweds is to send a wedding greeting card. If you're feeling a little salty about being snubbed, we understand. That can hurt. You were there when they met...

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Paper Presents: Your First Anniversary

Posted by 6 on

  Traditionally, with each wedding anniversary, comes a gift in the form of a certain material. For example: your 5th anniversary is marked by something made from wood; the 30th is marked by pearl; and the 60th is marked by diamonds. Each wedding anniversary signifies a benchmark in your journey as a couple, and with each passing year your love and partnership grows stronger and it is reflected in these gifts. However, if there’s one anniversary we favor a little more than the others, it’s your first anniversary. This anniversary is marked by gifting an item made from paper. It...

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