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The Perfect Lovepop for Any Valentine

Posted by Tom Herer on

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to do something special for the loved ones in your life.

Love Cat Pop up Card

At Lovepop, we love giving pop up cards to our friends and family at every opportunity we can. We want you to feel the same, so we wrote up this guide to remind you that you can always have more than one Valentine.

Your mom was your first Valentine, always there with sweet candies and delectable chocolates come Valentine’s Day -- she always could and still does put a smile on your face.

You’ve gotten a bit older and it’s time to repay the favor to one of the sweetest women in your life. Show her how much you love her and let her know that she will always be your Valentine with the beautiful Heart Tree Lovepop.

Heart Tree Pop up Card

Dad could be tough as nails, but he always had a soft side -- someone you could rely on no matter what no questions asked. He always took care of you, and when you were younger, he’d always surprise you with a little present when he came home from work.

Repay pops with the adorable Love Bear Lovepop.

Love Bear Pop up Card

He’s your rock. He’s there when you need someone the most, always showing you love and affection. You do countless things for one another and Valentine’s Day is no different.

Give the Winged Heart Lovepop to your man this Valentine’s Day.

Winged Heart Pop up Caard

She’s your better half. She brings out the best in you and never fails to warm your heart and to bring a smile to your face. You have your quirks, but she loves you for them.

Show her how much you love her with the Red Rose Bouquet Lovepop.

Red Rose Bouquet Pop up Card

The cutest couple you know, your grandparents are the best. They’ve been together for a lifetime and it seems that they love each other more everyday.

Every time your grandparents come over and see you, they always come bearing hugs, kisses, and gifts. Return the love with the Willow Love Scene Lovepop.

Willow Love Scene Pop up Card

Your Everyday Valentine
This is for the person that has done something really nice for you. Whether it’s your barista who always greets you with a smile, your neighbor who helped you shovel out your driveway, the mechanic who made sure your car was in tip-top shape, or day care provider that takes extra special care of your kids -- there is no shortage of people who need a thank you.

Show these people your appreciation with a Japanese Maple Lovepop.

Japanese Maple Pop up Card

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  • Hi there, I love these cards and got the kitty one at the top of this page for my husband and he loved it!

    Kim on

  • I bought the LoveBear card. It arrived very quickly and is adorable. Perfect for the special man in my life. Thank you.

    Aileen on

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