What to Write in a Condolence Card

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Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult moments an individual will encounter in their lifetime. Straddling the line of how to offer your sympathy and allowing an individual the room to grieve is a thin one.

Having lost someone close, every unexpected moment to smile or laugh is often welcomed during a time of loss. Traditional condolence cards are often redundant and full of the same cliche sentiments. Sorry for your loss, thinking of you, prayers during this difficult time. While the effort is often appreciated there is a better way.

Crafting a personal and heartfelt message that says just the right thing is not impossible. Writing condolence card messages can be overwhelming and you may be at a loss for what to say.

Here are some tips for writing a thoughtful condolence card:

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Be Personal:

Shy away from generic, and typical condolence card messages by adding in the person’s name, a moment you shared with the person, or a memory of that person that was shared with you.

Nothing soothes grief more than knowing that person was loved. All of the things you may have encountered with that person or things that were shared with you about that person are likely the things that will be missed the most.

Over time they may revisit these cards and smile at the thought that their loved one was remembered fondly by others.

Offer a Specific Time to Follow Up:

In your condolence card message state you will follow up with them in a month in the future to see if they need anything. One to three months is usually a good time to check back up on the person.

This is the window during which the cards and help have dwindled off and the person is left picking up the pieces, sometimes alone. If it is nothing but a lunch or shopping date, keep your word.

Craft your Message Based on the Person’s Personality:

If you are crafting a condolence card message for someone that is close to you, consider their personality in the crafting of your message. If the person is a jokester or loves shoes, find a way to tastefully weave something about them into your message. A normally funny person may be aching for a good chuckle.

Mention the things you love to do together, offer a date to do that thing when they feel up to themselves. Losing someone can consume a person, a reminder of their life before tragedy hit is a tasteful way to remind them that eventually life will go on and they will be fine. Now that you have an idea of what to craft in your condolence card messaging, consider the vehicle by which it will be delivered.

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  • Hi Eileen,

    We typically write notes on the inside of the card, but writing a message on the back or adding a little slip of paper is a great idea if you are looking to display the card.


    Lovepop Cards on

  • I’m always wondering where is the best place to write my message without ruining the beautiful card. I usually write on the back so the inside can be displayed and the message is private. Or, would a slip of paper inserted inside be a good idea. When you write on the cards where do you write? Thank you,. Eileen

    Eileen Tarrell on

  • How about a card tribute to summer garden tomatoes for the NE gardener?

    J E ODonnell on

  • Thanks for sharing such a nice ideas for making a condolence card. This post is very informative.

    First School on

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