Why You Should Give Your New Grad an Acorn

Posted by Sarah Anne Bickel on

Hi y’all my name is Sarah Anne!! I am the Social Customer Happiness Associate here at Lovepop, turning one frown upside down at a time.

As you might have heard, we just launched the Live Oak card. It's a leafy green 3D sculpture, with a tire swing and a stream. And while you might not think "Perfect for my new grad!" right away, it means something special to me — for three reasons.

First, it’s the state tree of Georgia, where I grew up, loving peaches, hiking, and saying "y'all." And second, it’s the official symbol of my alma mater, Elon University in North Carolina. (Elon means “Oak Tree” in Hebrew.)

There, it’s seen as a symbol of growth and tradition. As freshmen, we’re given an acorn, and upon graduation, we receive an oak sapling, to eventually plant where we plan to “set down roots.”

My sapling is at home in Georgia, where it’s nowhere near full grown. And while my acorn is long lost, my mother gave me an acorn pendant for graduation. I wear my acorn necklace often as a reminder of the potential I see within myself. I wouldn’t be in Boston working for an amazing company if it wasn’t for my friends, family, teachers that believed and still believe in me.

Third, I think the journey of a seed is a powerful lesson that all new grads (and freshmen — or anyone in the midst of a career change) can use. It is a powerful symbol to me not only during my years at Elon but also now. I look at the Live Oak and remind myself there is so many more life experiences and lessons to learn, and I’m still growing each and every day.

Here’s a fun activity! Look back 4 years ago. Are you amazed by the knowledge and growth you have obtained? I am! Self-growth happens within multiple lifelong moments. You may not notice it in the moment but it is something that happens every day.

And to me, the acorn's humble journey to becoming a great oak is the perfect reminder of that. 

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  • Please send an email when Pansy lovepop card is available.

    Thank you

    Jill Deutsch
    ThinkFungus@cox.net 😁❤

    J. on

  • Are you working on a pansy card yet?

    Carolyn Nunn on

  • When will they be available? Appears they are currently sold out. I need to remember this for next year’s Elon graduates.

    Jacquelyn on

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