We love The Possible Project. At lovepop we embody the intersection of engineering and creativity, and embrace innovative new businesses, so we have found the perfect partner in TPP.  At TPP, students are encouraged to think big and are taught the entrepreneurship skills to make their ideas come to life.  

Students who might not otherwise have the opportunity, come together to learn the skills to start and run their own businesses, and we love being a part of that process.

lovepop the possible project

"The Possible Project's dedication and unique approach to a big problem give me hope for the future of education in America." - Wombi Rose, CEO
"I've been working with The Possible Project for a year and a half and am constantly inspired by the creativity and willpower of TPP students." - John Wise, COO
lovepop and TPP are a perfect match, and after training students on advanced 3D modeling software, we’ve partnered to launch exclusive designs by students.

Read more about our partnership here.

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Diamond Ring Pop Up Card

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