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When that one-message-fits-all card from the drugstore isn’t right. And a text isn’t enough. Do something unexpected. Send a Lovepop. 

A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting edge software and then hand-crafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami.

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, if you’re saying thanks (for not mentioning that thing that happened in Vegas) or celebrating (a co-worker’s compulsive love of cats), we’ve got you covered. 

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John and Wombi

Who are these guys shaking up the card industry

Lovepop founders Wombi Rose and John Wise became best friends at Webb Institute training to become naval architects. After school, the duo traveled to Vietnam where they discovered incredible hand-crafted paper cards.

They headed back to Boston and put the cards in the hands of friends, family, and strangers--and watched. That moment when someone opened a card and saw the paper sculpture revealed for the first time became their obsession, and Lovepop was born.

The two launched Lovepop out of the Harvard Innovation Lab in late 2014. Since then, they were named to the 2015 Techstars class, nominated for 50 on Fire by BostInno, and gained the confidence of professional investors.

Oh, and how did Wombi get that name? You’ll have to ask him.


Lovepop? What's different?

Everything. We're reimagining cards and how you buy them

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Art + Science

Lovepop’s team of engineers and designers uses advanced ship design software to create our designs, and each piece of paper art is hand-assembled for impeccable finish craftsmanship.

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Stay there, we come to you

You’ll see our shops in convenient locations (the train station, the mall, the lobby of your office building), and our mobile teams are always on the go.  

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Skip the stamp, we send it for you

Rather shop in your pjs? When you order online, we can handwrite a message in your card and mail it directly, so you can send a personalized card from your phone in about a minute. 

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We hear you

We love your ideas! In fact, our customers are the best source of inspiration. We ask them for their help to design new cards and have built a Lovepop community. 


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Lovepop + The Possible Project


We love The Possible Project. At Lovepop we embody the intersection of engineering and creativity, and embrace innovative new businesses, so we have found the perfect partner in TPP. At TPP, students are encouraged to think big and are taught the entrepreneurship skills to make their ideas come to life. Students who might not otherwise have the opportunity, come together to learn the skills to start and run their own businesses, and we love being a part of that process.

Lovepop and TPP are a perfect match, and after training students on advanced 3D modeling software, we’ve partnered to launch exclusive designs by students.

The Lovepop+ The Possible Project collaboration series: lovepopcards.com/lovepossible



Talking about Lovepop


Unexpected. Every time.




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Floral BouquetWillow Tree Love scene

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