Alien birthday pop up card
Alien birthday pop up card
Alien birthday pop up card

Alien 3D card

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The bright, lime green cover of this card is embellished with a small spaceship hovering over a yellow laser-cut crop circle. Upon opening the card, a quirky 3D alien is shown pushing a lawnmower across a green field covered with crop circle markings. Behind the alien, drawings of a farmhouse and saucer are seen.

This charming card was created by Lovepop designer Kincso, who describes the inspiration behind the card through a story, where the alien is trying to create crop circles to attract other aliens and find its way back home.

She wanted to put her own twist on it, and loved the idea of a retro saucer flying through an American farmland.

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The Alien design is a great gift for your son who just discovered his passion for the paranormal or a birthday card for your best friend who’s obsessed with conspiracy theories. This delightful card works for any occasion or no occasion at all and will be sure to bring a smile to their face!

The Alien pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One endearing Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that slides out for your own personal touch.

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