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Artistic Thank You pop up card
Artistic Thank You pop up card
Artistic Thank You pop up card
Personalize your note (+$5)

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Artistic Thank You 3D card

$ 13
Personalize your note (+$5)
The light teal cover of this 3D pop-up card features a blue Thank You message written against an array of colorful paintbrush strokes. Upon opening this design, an orange striped Thank You sculpture pops up, covered in various paint colors. The beige background of this design is decorated with artistic splatters of pink, yellow, blue, and red paint.

Inspiration for the Artistic Thank You card:
We encourage everyone to stop and take a second to say "thanks!" Whether it's someone who has made a significant impact on your life, or simply someone who made a difference in your day - say thanks! Gratitude makes the world a more magical place and we're excited to be able to give our customers a fun way to do so.

Occasions for the Artistic Thank You card:
Give our Artistic Thank You card as a kind "thank you for being there" gesture. Whether it's for employee appreciation, watching the kids, or giving helpful advice, a simple "thank you" goes a long way.

The Artistic Thank You pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One paint-splattered Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that slides away with your own personal touch.
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