Camera 3D card

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A serene landscape shows through the viewfinder of a camera and is laser-cut on to the green cover of the Camera pop up card. The composition of the photo is a rugged mountain range with trees in the forefront.

Once opened this card reveals a 3D pop-up camera full of fun details including a laser-cut lens. Turn the card around, and the back of the pop up camera mirrors the scene depicted on the cover in spectacular color. The majestic mountain range and greenery composition are illustrated clearly for the photographer to see in the view screen.

Inspiration for the Camera Pop Up Card:
Photos are universal. We take them to remember, inspire, and document. Cameras are with most of us every day.

This pop up card celebrates the impact photography has on our lives. Customers requested the camera pop-up card as did several Lovepop team members with a fondness for photo making. It's a great gift to give a photographer friend who has everything.

Occasions for the Camera Card:
The camera pop-up card is the perfect birthday card for your favorite photographer, but there are many more uses. Thank your friend for photographing your baby's first birthday.

Congratulate a loved one who's decided to take the plunge and take their art to the next level by studying for an MFA. Thank a friend for coming along to yet another gallery opening. Or use the card to let a friend know you're about to make amazing memories together during your upcoming vacation. The card is blank so you choose the occasion.

The Camera card is 5 inches x 7 inches.

One cool Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.
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