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Cement Truck
            pop up card
Cement Truck
            pop up card
Cement Truck
            pop up card

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Cement Truck 3D card

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The bright yellow front of the Cement Truck features a laser cut stream slate gray cement, steadily flowing from a striped black and marigold chute. Inside, Teddy, our civil engineering bear, sits behind the wheel of the truck card, ready to seal the deal. The 3D sculpture of the Cement Truck is designed to be exceptionally detailed with yellow and black sliceform recreating each element of the real deal.

Inspiration for the Cement Truck Pop up Card:
Dung was inspired by watching the real-life construction vehicles and employees that work together to create beautiful buildings and structures near his home. He worked hard to recreate the realism of an impressive cement truck so that the family members of construction pros (and aspiring construction pros!) would feel confident gifting this card.

Occasions for the Cement Truck Pop up Card:
Share the Cement Truck as a “cheers” to building a strong foundation, as a “congratulations” to your new urban planning graduate, or with the new land- or homeowners in your life who are ready to celebrate breaking ground.

The Cement Truck pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One set-in-stone Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that slides out for your own personal touch.


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