Christmas Tree Village 3D card

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The beautiful gray cover of the Christmas Village pop up card is tranquil and hints at the scene inside. A light post adorned with a festive red bow and topped with a little pile of snow rests in front of a rustic snow covered fence. Snow delicately falls and lands atop the fence and sidewalk.

Once opened a Christmas Village emerges from the center of the pop up card. A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree is at the center and is surrounded by wrapped Christmas presents. Beautifully detailed and reminiscent of collectible ceramic Christmas villages, this pop-up card is breathtaking.

One can almost imagine themselves strolling through the village, completing the last of the Christmas shopping, and preparing for the annual lighting of the Christmas tree.

Inspiration for the Christmas Village Pop-Up Card:
Kathie wrote another Christmas ditty outlining her experience designing this card. It is epic:

On the first iteration, this design gave to me, a single pop-up pine tree ♪ On the second iteration, this design gave to me, a gold star on top of the single pop-up pine tree ♪ On the third iteration, this design gave to me, one gray v-fold, that will turn into a village by the pine tree ♪ On the fourth iteration, this design gave to me, a more 3D tree, but it’s too tall, so I will change, the design of the pop-up pine tree ♪

On the fifth iteration, I felt some misery, the tree doesn’t work ♪ I messed up on the measurements, of the base slots in the trunk of the pop-up pine tree ♪ On the sixth iteration I finally get to see, all the sculptures now work, but some people, think the tree is too skinny, so I changed the design of the tree ♪

On the seventh iteration this design gave to me, houses and some lamps, cut out from the v-fold, behind the tree, now it looks more true to its name, a village by a single pop-up pine tree ♪ By the eighth iteration, some feedback came to me, the tree could be cooler, maybe with some cutouts, like the cherry blossom, but in real life so many cutouts made the tree look really weak so we went back to the previous tree ♪

On the ninth iteration, this design gave to me, a brand new cover, printed little houses, lamps and a fence, wider tree pieces, it’s coming along, still needs some tweaks, here and there, and some ornaments, on the single pop-up pine tree ♪ By the tenth iteration, more feedback came to me, the houses didn’t look, festive enough, can we add more things, so they look more like a Christmas village, in winter time, so I went and drew wreaths and more on the houses by the single pop-up pine tree ♪

On the eleventh iteration the design gave to me, ornaments and presents on and under the tree, with more trees cut out, behind the v-fold, which was starting to, get a little wobbly, we’re almost there, with some changes to colors and stuff, this card will soon be out of my hands and away from me ♪

The final iteration and after 12 prototypes I’ve seen, a big forest behind the festive village, decorated with wreathes lights and ribbons, there’s also now a snowman, for more festive fun, the tree’s ornaments are gold and shiny, presents underneath, fill up the space, now the card’s complete, here’s the Christmas Tree Village card by me ♪

Occasions for the Christmas Village Card:
This pop up is the quintessential Christmas card. Give one to your favorite Christmas Village collector or to anyone who truly exemplifies the holiday spirit. This is the card for that friend who begins counting down to Christmas in July.

This charming pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One Lovepop with one blank envelope.
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