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Day of the Dead
            pop up card
Day of the Dead
            pop up card
Day of the Dead
            pop up card

Day of the Dead 3D card


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The front of this stunning Day of the Dead pop up card features an exquisite Mexican candy skull covered with intricate floral details. Open the black and orange cover and prepare to be delighted by a skeletal mariachi band.

This card is brimming with authentic Mexican touches from the papel picado inspired detail to the gorgeous bright colors.

Inspiration for the Day of the Dead Pop Up Card:
Papel picado, a perforated paper craft loved by Mexicans and admirers of their rich culture provided influenced the design of this card.

Our design team's fondness for creating meaningful and beautiful paper art that cannot be found elsewhere shines through in this unique creation.

Occasions for the Day of the Dead Pop Up Card:
Day of the Dead, traditionally referred to as Dia de Los Muertos, is celebrated primarily in Central and Southern Mexico on the first and second day of November. It is a day that is reserved for honoring loved ones who have passed away. This pop up card is the perfect way to remember everyone you've loved and who remains with you in spirit.

This card doesn't necessarily require an occasion. It is a striking piece of paper art that can be displayed and enjoyed all year alongside its perfect design companion, Sugar Skull.

The Day of Dead Pop Up Card is 6 inches wide by 8.2 inches tall.

One wonderful Lovepop card.
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