Donut 3D card

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The Donut pop up card features an illustration of its namesake. Tasty and delicious, this cover model is a favorite treat at Lovepop HQ.

Inside there is a pop up cake donut lightly coated with delicious pink frosting and sprinkles. Delicate sprinkle embellishments surround the base of the donut.

Inspiration for the Donut card:
Joe, Lovepop designer and engineer, created the Donut card on a memorable Thursday night. During a Rhino demonstration at our offices where Joe was teaching his colleagues how to turn a 3D model into a Lovepop card, he decided to use a simple design to demonstrate his techniques. As a donut connoisseur, it was only natural that Joe would gravitate toward the round breakfast favorite.

The design team often remarked that we did not have enough food cards in our line so creating a donut was a great solution. Joe consumed an untold number of donuts during the design and engineering phases of the Donut pop up card design in the name of research. We thank him for the selfless sacrifices he made and also for creating yet another Lovepop masterpiece.

Fun fact: Joe's favorite donut flavor is blackberry lime from Union Square Donuts.

Occasions for the Donut card:
This pop up card is an all occasion solution for your gifting needs. Seriously. Celebrate a coworkers birthday, retirement, or new baby (baby's love donuts) with the Donut pop up card. Give one to your Simpson's addicted best friend.

Or buy one for yourself as a reward for kicking your addiction to the real thing. You can't go wrong with a donut pop up card. Know how you're the office hero everytime you bring in a box of donuts? Relive that feeling when you gift that special someone a pop up donut.

The Donut pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One tasty Lovepop with one blank envelope.

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