French Flower Cart pop up card
French Flower Cart pop up card
French Flower Cart pop up card

French Flower Cart 3D card

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French Flower Cart is a pop-up card unlike any other. The canary yellow cover of this card features a laser-cut illustration of a French flower cart and a fluttering butterfly.

Open this beautiful Valentine's Day card and a magnificent sight awaits a pop-up, three-dimensional flower cart full of lush paper flowers and plants with a butterfly perched on the handle.

Full of intricate details and rich color this card is too sweet to close.

Inspiration for the French Flower Cart Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card:
Flowers make us happy. Roses, daisies, or poppies. It doesn't matter. They smell good and look great.

Taking a stroll to the streetside flower cart on our lunch break for a floral treat is a summertime ritual. The French Flower Cart card recreates this pleasant feeling.  

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up French Flower Card Valentine's Day Card:
The French Flower Cart is a wonderful Valentine's Day card. Perfect for gifting to a man, woman, or child.

The design is unmistakably elegant, but the butterfly accent adds a whimsical touch making this love card a fun way to express thoughtful sentiments to anyone at any time.

This lovely floral pop-up card measures 6 inches wide by 8.3 inches tall.

One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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