Haunted House 3D card

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The front of this whimsical Halloween card shows a creepy old tree spooking a frightened cat under the moonlight. Open the purple and yellow card to find a couple cute ghosts milling about and a pumpkin peering through the winds of a Haunted House. Next to the house is a graveyard scene with the creepy tree towering over it.

Inspiration for the Haunted House Pop Up Card:
The inspiration for this card was supplied by childhood visits to haunted houses and spooky hay rides we remember fondly.

Occasions for the Haunted House Pop Up Card:
We designed this card specifically for Halloween. Give it as a gift to a child. This card also makes an excellent gift for teachers and caregivers from children. Use the card as an invitation to the coolest Halloween party of all time. While Halloween is brief, we are sure this pop up card will stick around for a bit. Who can resist those adorable ghosts?

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