Hot Dog Stand pop up card
Hot Dog Stand pop up card
Hot Dog Stand pop up card

Hot Dog Stand 3D card

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The delightfully illustrated cover of this pop-up card features an artistic aerial view of one of our favorite snacks. Topped with a squiggle a mustard, the hot dog illustration on the cover is but a tease of the deliciousness awaiting inside.

Once opened this creative pop-up card comes to life with an iconic New York City sight. A three-dimensional hot dog cart pop-ups up. Complete with condiments and a fully prepared hot dog, this sculpture is a creative replica of the hundreds of hot dog carts one encounters in the city.

The New York City skyline surrounds the whimsical pop-up adding another layer of intricate and recognizable paper art.  

Inspiration for the Hot Dog Stand Card:
As soon as we made the decision to set up shop in New York, we began thinking of ways to pay homage to one of the world's finest cities. The Hot Dog Stand 3D card is one of our love letters to the city that has welcomed us with open arms.

The Lovepop team is known for getting it's snack on, and there are few of us on the team who would pass up an authentic NYC street dog. This pop-up card is for everyone who loves visiting New York City for the traditional reasons (sight-seeing, shopping, or watching a Broadway) and for sampling some of the finest street food the in the world.

Occasions for the Hot Dog Stand Pop-Up Card:
This pop-up greeting card is blank and can be used by anyone, for anyone, and at any time! Give it to your New York dwelling bestie on who can eat more hot dogs than you thought was humanly possible on their birthday.

Purchase one for yourself or a travel companion as a memento of a fun time spent in NYC. Be unexpected and say thanks to your favorite street vendor with this pop-up card. The gifting opportunities are limitless.

The Hot Dog Stand pop-up card is 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

One awesome Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.
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