Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes pop up card
Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes pop up card

Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes

$ 99

The Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes is an awesome pack of laser-cut cards that can be stashed away and used year-round.

Forget about last-minute texts and Facebook shout-outs, with this card pack you're guaranteed to have something awesome at your fingertips when you need it.

Occasions for the Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes card pack:

  • Gift this to your husband, brother, or any guy in your life who is totally over running to the drugstore to pick up lame overpriced cards. Solve all (most?) of his problems with this amazing gift
  • Buy it for yourself and you have every occasion covered. Send a Unicorn to your little sister at camp or a Pirate Ship to your dad on his birthday. There's something for everyone in this pack.

A stash of 11 amazing 3D pop-up cards at the ready whenever that awesome man in your life needs them. Featuring an assortment of our most mind-blowing pop-up cards, this card pack has something for every occasion.

Willow Love Scene:  That's for the anniversary.  If you don't have someone for that, it's for a hot date.  If you don't have one of those, it's for your parents’ anniversary. Going to your millionth wedding of the summer? Gift this. They'll love it.

Birthday Cake: Zero calorie cake, all the thoughtfulness, none of the guilt.

Springtime Picnic: Less of a commitment than a real picnic basket (seriously why do they cost a million dollars?) but with way more impact. The perfect way to suggest a picnic date night.

Pirate Ship: Just plain cool. Good for retirements, graduations, new journeys of any sort, and all around well wishes.

Bird Nest: This one is for Mother's Day. Nothing like mama bird feeding its babies some regurgitated insects to say "I love you, mom." It's weird, but moms love it. Don't believe us? Check those reviews. Mic dropped.

Floral Bouquet Blue: People like flowers. This flower is a special surprise.

Fancy Lobster: Miss Manners says one should always thank a host or hostess with a gift. Don't show up to that party, shindig, or box social empty-handed like your mama didn't raise you right. Class up the joint with a laser-cut lobster who likes poppin' bottles.

Unicorn: You must know someone who will love this.

Release the Kraken: Give it to your Clash of the Titans loving buddy on his or her birthday. They'll never stop talking about.

Rose bouquet: Real flowers die, Lovepops are forever. Added bonus? Cheaper than diamonds. #whosbetterthanyou?

Need some inspiration for your newly procured Lovepop Survival Pack for Dudes? Check out our blog for what to write on your pop-up cards.

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