New York Ball Drop 3D card

$ 10
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The front of this awesome card features a laser-cut illustration of the New York City skyline, the famed New Year's Eve ball, and a countdown. Open the blue card and the New York City skyline is revealed along with a 3D New Year's Eve ball.

Inspiration for the pop up New York Ball Drop New Year card:
Champagne bottles popping, the anticipation of that midnight kiss, and shivering from the brisk, early-winter chill served as memories and inspiration for this New Year card.

Partying in New York City's Times Square on New Year's Eve is a dream come true for revelers all over the world. We aimed to create a card that would channel the energy of New Year's Eve in Times Square for recipients all over the world.

Occasions for the pop Up New York Ball Drop New Year card:
Forget to mail those Christmas cards again this year? We're not mad at you. It happens. Redeem yourself with a New Year card for family and friends.

Kick off 2017 with goodwill and cheer by sending this gorgeous and creative card to anyone.

Also perfect for those of you who resolved to be more thoughtful and send more hand-written notes this year. What better way to get started than with this festive New Year card?

The New York Ball Drop New Year card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One cool lovepop card.

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