Pastel Party Hat 3D card

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This birthday card is epic. The front cover of this card features a cone party hat with confetti and streamer embellishments and the words "Happy Birthday" emblazoned underneath.

Once opened this birthday card reveals several surprises. First, a pop up birthday hat is revealed to with the recipient a happy birthday. Next, the recipient can remove the party hat and use as a decoration, favor, or photo prop.

Go shawty. It's your birthday. Take a selfie with a removable cone party hat cuz its your birthday. #awesome

Inspiration for the Pastel Party Hat Birthday Card:
The lovepop team loves a good photo prop and never passes up an opportunity for a selfie. Birthdays are for celebrating.

What better way to do so than with your personal party hat?

Occasions for the Party Hat Birthday Card:
The title says it all. Use it for kids' birthdays, pet birthdays, coworker birthdays, or your birthday! This birthday card is versatile.

Functions as a gift, photo prop, or your not so traditional pop-up birthday card.

This fun birthday card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. 

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