Peace Sign pop up card
Peace Sign pop up card

Peace Sign 3D card

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The cover of this cool pop up card features a laser cut peace sign made out of adorable little hearts. Once opened the blue card reveals a three-dimensional red symbol of peace. Charming floral and heart embellishments adorn the inner corners of the card.

Inspiration for the Peace Sign Pop Up Card:
The Peace Sign Card is part of lovepop's collaboration with The Possible Project. Read more about the inspiring non-profit and its impacts on students and our communities here.

Nichelle designed the card because it reminds her of her beloved aunt, a kind soul, who often says "peace be with you." Nichelle is passionate about social justice and community service and spends much of her free time volunteering in her community. Her contributions include serving meals to the hungry and organizing community clean-ups with her peers.

Nichelle says that the Peace Sign Card is "meant to pop up at you and the recipient and deliver an instant feeling of peace and tranquility."

Occasions for the Peace Sign Pop Up Card:
This card can is great for all occasions. Nichelle thinks it is perfect to give "when someone is facing hardship they are reminded that even though times are tough things are going to be okay if you give it time and have a positive mindset."

Use this blank card as a peace offering, birthday card, or just because it's pretty rad.

The Peace Sign Pop Up Card is 5 inches x 7 inches.


One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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