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Santa Sleigh Classic pop up card
Santa Sleigh Classic pop up card
Santa Sleigh Classic pop up card
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Santa Sleigh Classic 3D card

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The front of Santa Sleigh pop up card shows a whimsical depiction of jolly Saint Nick and his reindeer with the moon in the backdrop.

Once opened the red card reveals a delightful scene, Santa and his sleigh being pulled by magical reindeer preparing to take flight.

Inspiration for the Santa Sleigh Card:
The inspiration for this card is the delicious anticipation we felt as children on Christmas Eve and memories of joyful Christmas mornings spent in our pajamas tearing open presents and spending time with our families.

Occasions for the Santa Sleigh Card:
This pop up card is quintessential Christmas. Give the Santa Sleigh card to anyone who delights in the magic of the holiday season.

Also, the Santa Sleigh pop up is great to gift to your little ones to let them know Santa is coming!

The Santa Sleigh card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One festive Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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