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Snake pop up card
Snake pop up card
Snake pop up card
Personalize your note (+$5)

Snake 3D card

$ 13
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Personalize your note (+$5)

The gray cover of this birthday card features an intriguing image of twin snakes coiled around each other.

Open this snake card and a hypnotic sight beholds you. An ornate serpent appears to be slithering around itself. Its delicate body flows in an infinity pattern on all sides to create this optical illusion.

This snake approaches its tail similarly like the symbol of the ouroboros. Swirls of hissing snakes embellish two of the inside corners of the card.

Inspiration for the Snake Pop-Up Birthday Card:

Snakes are symbolic of wholeness and infinite renewal. We wanted to create a card that captures this positive messaging in an interesting way.

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Snake Birthday Card:

While this isn't your friendly neighborhood snake, this snake is pretty cool. A card that is symbolic of a renewed state of mind is perfect for celebrating new beginnings or second chances.

A wonderful birthday card for the person you know with a fascination for reptiles. The recipient of this card will be in for a mesmerizing surprise.


This intricate card is 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.


One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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