Space Birthday pop up card
Space Birthday pop up card
Space Birthday pop up card
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Space Birthday 3D card

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Personalize your note (+$5)

The planet Earth smiles while wearing a festive party hat on the front of this black card. Moon and another planet join the party, floating in space, surrounded by dots of white stars. Upon opening this pop up design, an astronaut appears fully suited up, suspended among the stars. The astronaut holds onto three colorful planet balloons. The background is beautifully illustrated in an astro-blend of pink, purple, and blue.

Inspiration for the Space Birthday Card:
Our designer Jozef had been wanting to create an astronaut for a while and he was ecstatic when this card eventually made it onto his to-do list! "Fun fact: The backpack can be used as a money holder which is something new and fun," Jozef said. The bright space-themed color scheme was one of Jozef's favorite parts of the new design.

Occasions for the Space Birthday Card:
Tell someone you care about that they're "Out of this World!" Space Birthday is the perfect card to give to the space-lover in your life on their special day. Any kids who dream of becoming astronauts will cherish this new design.

The Space Birthday pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

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