Super Mom pop up card
Super Mom pop up card
Super Mom pop up card

Super Mom 3D card

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This Mother's Day card features a red cover embellished with an illustration of Super Mom's name and her logo: an M inside a diamond shaped outline.

Open the card to a soaring pop up of Super Mom flying amongst the clouds. Houses decorate the background below Super Mom as she does what she does best: be the coolest mom ever flying through her duties.

Inspiration for the Super Mom Pop-Up Mother's Day Card:

There's no doubt that moms around the world are secretly superheroes making the world a greater place one dirty diaper and temper tantrum at a time. But their duties don't stop there. They are amazing role models and what better way to show that off other than with an awesome cape?

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Super Mom Mother's Day Card:

Empower your mom on Mother's Day with this fun card. Gift this card to a mom-to-be to let her know that she'll be the best mom ever. Surprise friends and family about your new superpowers with a funny pregnancy announcement.


The Super Mom Pop-Up Card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.


One empowering Lovepop card with envelope.

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