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Thank You Bear
            pop up card
Thank You Bear
            pop up card
Thank You Bear
            pop up card
Thank You Bear
            pop up card

Thank You Bear 3D card


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Occasions for the Thank You Bear card:
Say thank you to those on the front line working endless hours to ensure the health and safety of others. From teachers to caregivers to military personnel and beyond, let them know just how much you appreciate everything they're doing for the world.

The inner panels of the card highlight:
Bank Employees 💌 Delivery Workers 💌 Postal Workers 💌 Medical Researchers 💌 Maintenance Workers 💌 Civil Servants 💌 Facility Management 💌 Social Workers 💌 Animal Shelter Staff 💌 Memorial Service Workers 💌 Utility Workers 💌 Commercial Drivers 💌 Residential Employees 💌Pharmacy Staff  💌Sanitation Workers 💌 Caregivers 💌 Firefighters 💌Warehouse Associate 💌 Food Service Workers 💌 Nurses 💌 Nursing Home Staff 💌 Non-Profit Volunteers 💌 Doctors 💌 Military Personnel 💌 Flight Crew 💌 Police Departments  💌 Flight Crew 💌Factory Personnel  💌 EMS 💌Custodial Staff 💌Teachers 💌 Journalists 💌 Transportation Workers 💌 Farmers 💌 Everyone Who Lends A Helping Hand 💌

The Thank You Bear pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One grateful Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that slides away with your own personal touch.
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