Young America 3D card

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A very appropriate navy blue cover features a profile of the Young America clipper ship set in white. The front of this card only hints at the grand ship that sweeps into place before your eyes. It’s dark blue hull is complemented by creamy white sails and a miniature American flag fluttering towards the stern. The remainder of the card is reminiscent of a weathered map, complete with a faux compass and soaring eagle.

Lovepop’s founders both attended undergraduate at Webb Institute in Glen Cove, NY. The founder of Webb Institute, William H. Webb, is also the architect behind our beloved Young America ship. Inspired by Webb’s skill and dedication to his craft, LovePop found it’s inspiration in his speedy clipper ship. This replica is a true testament to our roots in ship design.

What to write
Sailing routes to California, Australia, and the Far East, Young America was a true voyager. This card will delight the explorer in your life, adding a true element of surprise and awe. A grand ship such as this would do well in the hands of a sailor, recent graduate, or even a history buff. Know that you’re not just gifting a piece of history, but a piece of our own past as well!

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