Turkey Dinner pop up card
Turkey Dinner pop up card
Turkey Dinner pop up card

Turkey Dinner 3D card

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The front of this delicious pop up Turkey Dinner card has an off-white cover that is similar to a front of an oven. Within the oven, a golden light illuminates a brown turkey being prepared for a meal.

Open the Turkey Dinner pop up and a perfectly cooked brown turkey awaits in the center. In two corners, a rich brown table sneaks out from under the white table mat. Under the turkey, the gray plate is garnished with some of Lovepop’s favorite vegetables.

Inspiration for the Turkey Dinner Pop Up Card:
The Turkey Dinner card ended up being a two-person job. Lovepop designer Patrick started off the design and eventually brought in design intern Kincso in to put the finishing touches on the sculpture.

Only recently introduced to Thanksgiving in the United States, making the perfect Turkey Dinner was a challenge for Kincso. Why? There are just so many options for garnishes!

After viewing the final creation, the Turkey Dinner had every onlookers’ mouths watering.

Occasions for the Turkey Dinner Card:
Give the Turkey Dinner pop up as a thank you to the host of this year’s Thanksgiving gathering after they filled you up with grub and sent you out in a food coma.

Also great to give as an invite for Thanksgiving to build anticipation around the feast that is yet to come.

This delicious Turkey Dinner card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.

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