Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 3D card

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The yellow cover of this delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Cone pop up card features a laser-cut illustration of its namesake.

Inside the pop-up card, there is a mouth-watering 3D vanilla ice cream cone. Featuring sweet bonus touches such as sprinkles and laser-cut ice cream flying across the backdrop, this design Is sure to be loved by anyone who loves ice cream.

To best enjoy the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone card, you should be jamming to some ice tunes when you purchase this card. You know, a little, “ice ice baby, ice ice baby.”

Inspiration for the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone card:
Designer Patrick put in some serious work while designing the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone pop up card. First and foremost was deciding on what flavors to do, which is no easy task at Lovepop. Ultimately vanilla and chocolate were selected , but Patrick and many of us are still holding out for another… *cough cough* mint *cough cough*

This was no easy card to design either. Patrick made about 15 prototypes for the card and the evidence is still laying around the office. To make things even more challenging, there were difficulties getting the ice cream to keep its rounded shape.

After all of his hard work, Patrick crafted the perfect Vanilla Ice Cream card for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Occasions for the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone card:
Give the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone pop up card to the ice cream connoisseur in your life on their birthday or just because. Celebrate a recent graduate and wish them good luck with this sweet pop up card.

The Vanilla Ice Cream Cone pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One delectable Lovepop with one blank envelope.
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