Vibrant Wearable Party Hat 3D card

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This fun, versatile birthday card makes for the perfect party prop. The yellow cover features a festive party hat that exclaims "Happy Birthday!".

Open the card, and it reveals a 3D pop-up party hat with bold stripes and a vibrant tri-color design. The hat is easy to remove and ready for wearing, making this card a great way to celebrate someone's special day with an entertaining party accessory.

Inspiration for the Vibrant Party Hat Pop Up Card:
Friends and family gathered together for a memorable birthday party ready to celebrate with cake, presents, and fun.

Occasions for the Party Hat Birthday Card:
Birthday parties of course! Your party can be decked out with balloons and confetti but it's not complete without party hats. And we have you covered.

The perfect prop for taking pictures of an exciting day that cannot be forgotten. Everyone can have their own party hat to wear and a personalized card to take home.

This cool birthday card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. 

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